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Why Use Genuine Ford OEM Parts?

When you bring your Ford to the Beach Ford Service Center, you can count on us using genuine Ford OEM parts. Go to the Conway corner mechanic, on the other hand, and your Ford model will be fitted with aftermarket parts instead. What’s the difference? Discover the advantages of Ford parts over aftermarket parts with this guide from the team at Beach Ford in Myrtle Beach.

Ford OEM Parts

OEM signifies Original Equipment Manufacturer, so Ford OEM indicates that the parts were made by Ford for Ford vehicles. That means you can always expect a perfect fit. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, come from generic manufacturers that develop parts to fit in as many makes and models as possible. This mass production generally results in ill-fitting parts that may require manipulation to fit into your Ford. That’s not to mention visible disparities of external aftermarket parts. More often than not, Ford parts will serve you better.

Advantages of Ford OEM Parts

Due to their generic nature and mass production, it’s often assumed that aftermarket parts are less expensive. At Beach Ford, Murrells Inlet drivers can find affordable Ford parts thanks to our parts and service specials, all while promoting longevity of their Ford models. In fact, Ford OEM parts promise the following advantages:

  • Quality assurance, due to their precision engineering and guaranteed performance
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility, in that each part is manufactured for your specific Ford model
  • Peace of mind, with Ford parts covered by a 2-year/unlimited-mileage warranty

Keep in mind that using genuine Ford parts adheres to your Ford warranty coverage, and opting instead for aftermarket parts may void that coverage. Across the board, it’s simply smarter to choose Ford OEM parts.

Source Your Ford Parts From Beach Ford

When you turn to the Beach Ford Parts Department, you’re sure to find the Ford OEM parts that you need. And when you schedule a service appointment with us, rest assured that our certified technicians are using the appropriate parts for your vehicle. You can even order parts directly from us to complete DIY projects at your Florence home. Have additional questions on common maintenance tasks like what happens if you don’t change your car oil? Contact us today!

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