Fleet Brake Service

The physics behind your Fleet Vehicle’s braking system are pretty simple. To stop when needed. We provide brake services and repairs on all makes, models and sizes of Fleet Vehicles, including RV Brake Jobs. We also specialized in braking components beyond just brake pads and brake rotors. See below for some of the additional Brake System services we specialize in.

Anti-lock Brake Systems. ABS Systems: The ABS System will ensure that your vehicles tires will not lock up during a harsh braking situation. This allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and helps avoid collisions. Usually, if this system is at fault, you will see a small indicator on your dash that reads ABS. Our technicians are certified in brake system repairs and can diagnose your ABS fault with accuracy and efficiency.

Brake Lines and Hoses: Your vehicles braking system is equipped with brake lines and hoses that carry pressurized brake fluid. The Master Cylinder will compress the fluid within the lines and send pressure to your vehicles brake calipers. Leaking, corroded, pinched or crushed brake lines and hoses can result in a lack of stopping power.

Other Brake Repairs and Fleet Services Include:

  • Brake Pad replacement
  • rotor replacement
  • brake caliper replacement
  • resurfacing brake rotors
  • brake flush
  • brake lights
  • brake switches
  • brake shoe replacement
  • spongy brake pedal diagnosis
  • and much more.

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