Electronic Services

As vehicles become more advanced, so do their electronics. Trust our Expert Technicians to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s Electronic System needs. Whether you have a Check Engine Light or an Electrical Gremlin, we can help. 

Electronic Services We Can Help With Include:

  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Vehicle Computer Diagnosis
  • Engine Control Diagnosis
  • Module Replacement
  • PCM Replacement
  • BCM Replacement
  • APIM Replacement
  • TCM Replacement
  • SYNC System Updates and Reprograms
  • Navigation System Diagnosis
  • Electric Windows
  • Electric Locks
  • Lighting System Diagnosis
  • Vehicle Cluster Diagnosis
  • Cruise Control Module Replacement
  • Electric Power Steering Diagnosis
  • and much more.

To schedule an appointment or speak with one of our professional advisors, contact us at 843-626-3666.