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How to Use Ford Remote Start

2021 Ford Escape

Do you need to know how to use Ford Remote Start? Many new Ford models come with Ford remote access, and it’s not difficult to figure out Ford Remote Start at all. Conway drivers will want to know all about this revolution in remote start technology, so keep reading here for our breakdown of how to use Ford Remote Start and check out our finance page while you’re here to start exploring lease and loan options for your new vehicle!

Ford Remote Start Tips

Here’s what you need to do to get Ford Remote Access on your vehicle in Murrells Inlet:

Starting Your Ford Vehicle

  • Press the lock button on the key fob; this will lock the doors
  • Press the remote start button two times
  • Your exterior lamps will flash twice
  • The horn will sound in case of a failure

Turning the Vehicle Off

  • After remote starting, press the button once
  • Exterior lamps will deactivate

If your Ford has the memory feature on it, you can use it to get preset seating, mirror, and steering column positions when you activate remote start. However, you need to pre-set the positions in advance to take full advantage of these features.

What is FordPass?

If you’ve got SYNC Connect on your Florence Ford, you can use the FordPass system to get remote control over SYNC Connect. You don’t have to pay a yearly subscription fee to use SYNC Connect either! All it takes is downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play to get these capabilities:

  • Start and stop remotely
  • Lock and unlock remotely
  • Schedule start
  • Check gas and fluid levels

Ford Remote Access Problems?

When learning how to use Ford Remote Start, there might be a few common problems you’ll run into. If your key fob isn’t working right, this might be one of the problems facing your Conway Ford:

  • Ignition is on
  • Open hood
  • Triggered alarm
  • Disabled remote stop/start system
  • “Service engine soon” light is illuminated
  • Transmission is in park (P)
  • Low vehicle battery

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