Focus RS: Small Package, Huge Driving Experience!

August 10th, 2016 by

Focus RSThe pinnacle of Ford Performance hatchbacks, the 2016 Focus RS, features a seriously high-out-put engine. It offers a trailblazing drive-train and innovative technologies.

It perfectly demonstrates what the Ford Performance team is all about. RS is the fastest production Focus currently in the world. It stacks up impressively against some strong competitors.





Ford Performance

Focus RSThe Ford Performance team has a clear vision. They strive to be creators of the world’s leading performance experiences. They want it to be accessible to everyone. The team uses racing as a test bed for technology. They do this to prove out advancements in everything from aerodynamics to power-trains. The innovations then migrate into performance vehicles. Eventually these advancements are  introduced into the broader Ford lineup. Ford Performance is where it all begins!



AWD with Dynamic Torque Vectoring

Focus RSFord Performance All-Wheel Drive (AWD) with Dynamic Torque Vectoring tuned to deliver exceptional grip, cornering speed and acceleration out of a curve. During cornering, the read drive unit (RDU) preemptively diverts torque immediately to the outer rear wheel. It does this based on steering wheel angle, lateral acceleration, yaw and speed. Twin Electronically controlled clutch packs on each side of the RDU manage front/rear torque split. It also manages side-to-side torque distribution on the rear axle. 70% of the drive torque can be diverted to the rear axle. Up to 100% of the available torque at the real axle can be sent to each rear wheel.



Select Drive Modes

Focus RSSelect Drive Modes allow drivers to adjust AWD performance and other functions by choosing from four different driving modes. Normal mode allows for normal street driving. Sport mode tunes vehicle response for on-road performance. Track mode opens up wheel-spin and yaw limits so they don’t interfere with a skilled driver, while still retaining some system aids. Drift mode is specially calibrated for AWD. Modified torque distribution helps the driver achieve controlled over-steer drifts on the track. There’s an option for everyone!


Awesome Technology

Focus RSFocus RS-specific 4-wheel disc brakes include an advanced cooling system that uses dedicated ducts fed from the front fascia. Two “jet tunnels” in the under-body and airflow guides on the lower suspension arms.  Launch control lets drivers set and hold the desired launch rpm. This help maximize traction from a standing start while accelerating in a straight line. The Getrag-Ford MMT6 6-speed manual transmission is enhanced to match the performance characteristics of the EcoBoost engine. Michelin Pilot Super Sport and available Sport Cup 2 summer compound tires feature Focus RS-specific sidewall construction, tread and formulation for maximum grip. There are so many awesome technologies!




The 2016 Ford Focus RS is truly an awesome machine. If you’re interested in learning more about the 2016 Ford Focus RS, give Beach Ford a call today. We have all the information you’ll need! Don’t underestimate this Focus. You won’t be disappointed!


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