How to Program the Ford Key Fob

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Are you looking to set up your new Ford key fob? Maybe you just got a replacement car key and need to know how to set it up. Luckily, Beach Ford has you covered! Many new Ford vehicles come with a remote key fob for easier vehicle access, and Ford key fob programming is straightforward if your model has keyless entry. Conway and Murrells Inlet drivers can learn how to do it themselves by following our Ford key programming guide!

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Step-by-Step Ford Key Fob Programming Instructions

  1. Close the car doors, then open the driver-side door. Press the UNLOCK button on the driver-side door.
  2. Next, turn the ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times. Do this within 10 seconds, making sure the 8th time ends on RUN. When you’ve entered programming mode, the door locks will lock and unlock. (Note: If the doors don’t cycle, turn the key faster. Your car may not have keyless entry if you still can’t get the doors locks to cycle.)
  3. Press any button on the Ford remote to be programmed. Do this within 8 seconds. The door locks will cycle again to confirm the keyless entry remote is programmed and ready to use.
  4. Have a second remote key fob? Again, press any button on the remote within 8 seconds to cycle the door locks. Repeat this step for any additional key fobs.
  5. Finally, turn the ignition to OFF. The locks will again cycle to confirm programming is complete.

How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

Whether you’re selling your vehicle or exchanging your Ford key with a new teen driver, there are many reasons you might want to disable your programmed Ford key. In order to do so, the vehicle needs to be started up with your main admin key or admin key fob. After doing so, you’ll just need to follow the step-by-step instructions below to clear your programmed keys’ settings and return each key to their original “admin key” status:

  1. Start your vehicle and allow your computer and screen to turn on.
  2. Using your steering wheel-mounted controls, press the left arrow button to access the main menu.
  3. From the main menu, press “Settings” after selecting “OK.”
  4. Once you’re at the “Settings” screen, scroll until you find the “MyKey” option, then press “OK.”
  5. Under “MyKey,” find the option that says “Clear MyKey.”
  6. After selecting “Clear MyKey,” press and hold “OK” until you get the “All MyKeys Cleared” message on the screen.

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Contact us at Beach Ford for more information on programming your key fob, disabling Ford MyKey or for help with any other questions you may have. Our service department is here to help you with any service-related issues you may experience with your Ford F-150 or other new Ford model.


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