SYNC3 AppLink: Next Gen Voice Technology

March 20th, 2018 by

SYNC 3 is our newest generation of in-vehicle, voice activated technology. It is designed to allow for updates that will keep owners thrilled with the Ford vehicle. SYNC 3, featuring SYNC3 AppLink, is always on the move.

SYNC 3 Features

The system offers enhanced voice recognition, high-speed performance, a smart interface and impressive features, all in an easy to use design.

System Features

  • Easy-to-use large on-screen touch buttons
  • Key controls that are located across the bottom of the screen for Audio, Climate, Phone, Navigation (if equipped), Apps and Settings
    • Note: Climate feature varies by vehicle;, Navigation is an optional feature
  • High-speed performance whether touchscreen or voice command, SYNC 3 reacts quickly to inputs
  • Enhances voice recognition responds naturally to simple, real-world voice commands
  • Seamless integration of Siri Eyes Free from an iPhone allows customers to access Siri by pressing and holding the SYNC Push-to-Talk button
  • SYNC 3 Software updates can be performed via in-home Wi-Fi USB downloads from or a service technician install

What’s Next?

Ford recently released a new app- Ford+Alexa! Collaboratively developed by Ford and Amazon, this new app brings the conveniences of using Alexa and SYNC 3 together.

SYNC 3 AppLink

SYNC3 AppLink allows compatible smartphone applications (apps) to interact with the SYNC system.

  • Overview
    • SYNC 3-compatible apps are available to selection on Android and iPhone platforms
      • New apps are being regularly added
      • Custom apps for SYNC 3 are also available
    • Once Downloaded, SYNC 3-compatible apps on the customer’s paired smartphone can be accessed and controlled using:
      • Touchscreen, as well as
      • Voice commands
      • Steering wheel controls, not to mention
      • Audio controls
    • The SYNC3 AppLink Catalog, available from provides key information, such as
      • Which apps are compatible, as well as
      • How to use each app, and not to mention
      • Available voice commands
  • Benefits
    • Builds in a hands-free link between drivers and their smartphone apps
    • All apps are conveniently located in the apps section of SYNC 3
    • Make using personal apps convenient
    • Connects to apps like Pandora internet radio, Glympse, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more with you iPhone or Android mobile phones.

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