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SYNC 4 and SYNC 4A are the smartest versions of SYNC ever. Each serves up one of two navigation systems: Connected Navigation (90-day trial period) or Connected Built-In Navigation (3-year service period).  Included or available on 2021 Bronco, Edge, F-150 and Mustang Mach-E, these latest systems offer easy-to-use interfaces that mimic the experience of a smartphone on the larger SYNC 4/4A touchscreen

SYNC 4 Technology and navigation systems are offered in varying configurations and combinations by vehicle line.

2021 Mustang Mach-E

Standard on all models:

  • 5-inch portrait color LCD touchscreen
  • SYNC 4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition – Including Connected Built-In Navigation
  • FordPass Power My Trip charging station finder
  • Personalized experience – up to 3 drivers
  • Digital Assistance allows for more conversational voice commands

2021 Edge


  • 12-inch portrait color LCD touchscreen
    • Largest in class
  • SYNC 4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition – Navigation available via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
    • Standard on SE, SEL, ST-Line, Titanium 300A and ST 400A
  • SYNC 4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition – Including Connected Built-In Navigation
    • Standard on Titanium 301A and ST401A
    • Available on all other models except SE

2021 Ford F-150 and Bronco


  • 8-inch or 12-inch horizontal color LCD touchscreen
    • Depending on model or equipment group
  • Base models include SYNC 4
    • Features clean design, conversational voice and cordless smartphone pairing
  • As you move up the model lineup or add equipment groups
    • SYNC 4 with Enhanced Voice Recognition becomes included or available
    • Connected Navigation or Connected Built-In Navigation becomes included or available

Enhanced Features of New Navigation Systems

Both of our new navigation offerings feature impressive cloud-connected services combines with upgraded versions of our Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation Systems. Each works with SYNC 4/4A and FordPass Connect to deliver an intuitive, smartphone-like experience that customers will appreciate and be comfortable using.

Enhanced features of both Connected Navigation and Connected Built-In Navigation include:

  • Conversational Voice – Understands natural language and provides one-shot navigation search
  • Cellular Connection – Allows supplier data in the vehicle, including traffic and hazard data from Tomtom
  • Streaming Maps – Updates maps based on frequent drives and includes traffic updates from Cellular Connection
  • Off-Board Search – Delivers up-to-date information for better search results, route options and parking
  • Onboard Maps – Ensures no dead zone anxiety, even without cellular coverage
  • Active Guidance – Provides details, such as next turn panel, lane guidance, turn list and route overview
  • Real-Time Information – Recalls frequent destinations and offers predictions (With SYNC 4A, this information appears as easy-to-use Dash Cards)
  • Rich POI (Points-of-Interest) data – Ford businesses searched, may provide YEKP reviews or hours of operation
  • POI Categories – Displays recently used POI, saved POI, past searches and more
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