SmartGauge – Ford’s Electric Vehicles

October 11th, 2016 by

SmartGaugeSmartGauge features on Ford’s lineup of electrified vehicles has a lot to offer customers. They offer an impressive powertrain and battery technology. They also offer features that can help electric vehicle drivers make the most of potential fuel savings and efficiency. Everyone wants to save money on fuel, right?




SmartGaugeFord’s Electric Vehicles

The electrified vehicle lineup includes:

Each of these vehicles is equipped with driver instrumentation called SmartGauge with EcoGuide, not to mention other great features. Keep reading for more great info!

SmartGaugeSmartGauge with EcoGuide – All Electric Vehicles

The visually pleasing tool is interesting and fun to use. It provides drivers with key performance information about their vehicle. By using this feature, drivers can learn about their driving habits. They can see how adjusting their driving habits directly affects vehicle efficiency. Especially useful are:

  • My View
    • This allows drivers to customize the screens they see. They can save two of their favorite preset screens into one single display.
  • SmartGaugeCoach
    • This provides a comparative summary of the most recent driving results. Thus showing the effects of all types of driving on fuel economy.
  • Efficiency Leaves
    • The more leaves you see in the right hand screen, the more efficiently you are driving!  Drivers of the Focus Electric will see butterflies.

EcoSelect – C-MAX Hybrid & Fusion Hybrid

This driver-selectable hybrid feature can help provide vehicle efficiency benefits. This is great for drivers who want to optimize fuel economy for daily commutes. Points to remember include:

  • This feature is only active if the ECO (EcoSelect) button has been pressed.
  • A graphic will appear in the Information Display when EcoSelect is active.
  • Drivers may notice:
    • Less powerful heating and cooling
    • More aggressive energy capture during coasting/braking
    • Changes in engine behavior during acceleration
    • EcoCruise activation

SmartGaugeEcoCruise – Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Included in the SmartGauge Settings menu, EcoCruise can help enhance fuel efficiency. It does this by gradually accelerating the vehicle to the preset cruise control speed.  For instance, this feature is especially useful for owners who frequently drive on the highway.

  • Use the Information Display to set On or Off.
    • Drivers can scroll through the available menus.
  • For hybrid vehicles, EcoCruise is active when EcoSelect is on.
  • When driving uphill with the cruise control set to On, drivers may notice the vehicle may be slower to respond to an incline. It may also temporarily drop below the set speed. Don’t worry though, the vehicle will eventually accelerate back to the set speed. Thus saving energy in the process!

By all means, give Beach Ford a call today! We want to tell you about all of the awesome features of Ford’s lineup of electrified vehicles. In addition, our knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the right vehicle for you. We can show you how to get behind the wheel of your own electric vehicle. Go green with Beach Ford!