Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights – Police Interceptor

November 15th, 2016 by

Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning LightsWe think it’s safe to say that when a police car pulls up behind us, we all tend to drive a little straighter. Drivers may keep a closer eye on the speedometer. We might even look for the common elements of the typical police car or SUV, right? Well, Ford police vehicles are going just a little bit more incognito!

Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights

Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning LightsFord has finally debuted the Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights! This technology aims to compliment the “no-profile” Front Interior Visor Light Bar on the Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. This new feature integrates bright LED lighting into the vehicle’s rear spoiler. This provides law enforcement with an extremely effective tool. It alerts drivers of emergency situations on the roadside. It also offers officers full visibility out of the rear window. Furthermore, when the lights are deactivated, they are difficult to detect by from behind. How awesome is that?

Aftermarket light bars were commonly installed. They often blocked driver visibility. This is because they would hang down over the glass. The fully programmable Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights are built right into the rear spoiler. Different police forces can get their bright red, blue or amber LEDs built right into the SUVs. Therefore, there won’t be any compromise to their visibility.

Directional Signaling

Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning LightsWhen activated, the new warning lights flash alternating bright red and blue bars in the rear spoiler. They can also be programmed for red/red, blue/blue or amber operation, providing drivers with directional signaling information. An auto-dimming capability can be programmed as well.

“Together with our front visor light bar, Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights offer a fully integrated solution for agencies wishing to minimize the presence of their police vehicles,” said Arie Groeneveld. He is the chief program engineer at Ford police programs. Mr. Groeneveld continued by saying “While signaling to drivers of an upcoming emergency situation, it constitutes a clear safety benefit for officers and the public.” This new feature will greatly enhance driver safety. It’s great not only for police, but also for the regular driver.

New for 2017

Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning LightsThe feature can be ordered now for the 2017 Police Interceptor Utility. In addition, Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights come with a limited factory warranty. This great new feature will keep our officers safer and keep drivers more aware. The Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights are a definite safety bonus! Whenever you see a police vehicle, you may want to see if you can spot this new technology.

Beach Ford wanted to share this awesome technology with all of our customers. Ford is always working to improve driver safety and the safety of their vehicles. We know that Ford wants to make sure that the people who drive and ride in their vehicles are safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a car to transport your family or a truck on the jobsite. Ford is working hard to keep all people safe!

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