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  • 2017 Ford Transit-250
  • 2017 Ford Transit-250
  • 2017 Ford Transit-250

2017 Ford Transit-250

Are you a Myrtle Beach area business owner or commercial driver who is in the market for a spacious, reliable, and high-performing transit vehicle? If so, look no further than the new 2017 Ford Transit-250. Not only does the Transit-250 give you a wide range of trims to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences, but it also offers up an immensity of space inside, as well as a selection of technologies and safety devices bound to make the drive as entertaining and safe as it will be dependable and efficient. With the new Transit-250, you’ll be able to banish all worries about future delivery trips. Check out all the exciting details by reading on!

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Starting at $32,560

2017 Ford Transit-250
270horsepower, 3.7L V6 engine

Trims and Prices

First of all, the 2017 Ford Transit-250 comes in a huge spectrum of trims, each of which enters the market at an affordable price. Here are just a few of the trims you can opt for:

  • The Base w/60/40 Passenger-Side-Cargo with a Low Roof 130-inch WB starts at $32,560
  • The Base w/Sliding Passenger-Side-Cargo with a Low Roof is priced at $32,710
  • The Base w/Sliding Passenger-Side-Cargo with a Medium Roof enters the market at $32,890
  • The Base w/60/40 Passenger-Side-Cargo with a Low Roof 148-inch WB starts at $33,410
  • The Base w/Dual Sliding-Side Cargo-Doors High Roof Extended-Length Cargo Van 148-inch WB enters the market at $38,690
  • But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because there are as many as 7 more trims you can select from!
2017 Ford Transit-250

Engine Power and Performance

While you’ll be able to select from a number of different trims in the new Transit-250, each one will come with the same powerful engine:

  • 7L V6 engine that promises 270 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque

Yet that’s just the beginning when it comes to performance-enhancing devices. The 2017 Ford Transit-250 also boasts heavy-duty rear shocks, 4-wheel disc brakes, and rear-wheel drive. Plus, it can tow as much as 7,500 lbs of material, while also ensuring you 4,080 lbs of payload.

2017 Ford Transit-250


Here’s where the Transit-250 is especially unique. With its wide range of trims, you’ll be able to pick the van that’s right for the job. For example, you can go for:

  • Transit-250 Base w/Dual Sliding Side Cargo Doors and a High Roof that provides 487.3 cubic feet of cargo space and seating for 2
  • Transit-250 Base w/Sliding Passenger-Side Cargo Doors and a Low Roof that gives you 246.7 cubic feet of luggage space and seating for 2
  • Or a whole range of other options between these two!
2017 Ford Transit-250


What’s more, the 2017 Ford Transit-250 also gives you a host of exciting new technologies to keep you and any passengers entertained, including:

  • AM/FM Stereo Seek-Scan radio that gives you access to an impressive number of stations for music, talk radio, sports, news, and more
  • In-Dash Mounted Single CD Player, making it possible for you to revisit all the old standbys during your next trip
  • 4 speakers, providing you with crisp, clear audio
  • Optional steering-wheel audio controls, enabling you to control your music and track selection without taking your hands off the wheel
  • Optional MP3 capability and voice recognition
  • Optional voice-activated Navigation system
  • Optional Bluetooth capability
  • And more!
2017 Ford Transit-250

Safety Systems

Finally, the new Transit-250 also comes with some stellar safety devices to keep you and everybody else safe and sound:

  • Driver and front frontal airbags and seat mounted driver and passenger airbags keep you protected
  • 911 Assist helps you respond to emergencies when they arise
  • Optional Lane Departure Warning improves your security on the highway
  • Optional Parking Assist helps you negotiate those especially challenging driveways and loading docks
  • Traction Control keeps the vehicle stable on longer drives in touch conditions
  • Fully automatic Exterior Light Control makes loading and unloading at night as simple as can be
  • Optional Stolen Vehicle Tracking keeps your merchandise safe, and a standard Panic Alarm gives it even more protection
2017 Ford Transit-250

Experience the 2017 Ford Transit-250 Yourself at Beach Ford Today

Come on down to Beach Ford and try the 2017 Ford Transit-250 out for yourself. We can be found at 855 Jason Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, but we can also be reached via telephone at 843-839-8168 or using this easy-to-complete online form. Please don’t miss this chance: explore the Transit-250 pronto at Beach Ford!

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