FordPay for Service: New From FordPass

November 28th, 2017 by

FordPayThe Next Step Forward: FordPay for Service

Everybody knows that FordPass can help customers more more freely throughout their day. Now, there’s an exciting dealership service-payment expansion coming to FordPass called FordPay for Service. The move to mobile payment solutions for services conducted at Ford dealerships has real advantages and both customers and dealerships alike!

FordPayIt’s All About Convenience

Customer Benefit

  • FordPay for Service will allow FordPass members to make mobile payments for Ford dealership services seamlessly and securely through the My Wallet features of FordPass. It provides to customers:
  • A speedy and convenient checkout/payment process for dealership, as well as
  • An opportunity to pick up after hours when necessary or more convenient
  • Not to mention, the flexibility of choosing their preferred method of payment

FordPayDealer Benefit

  • This new method of service payment will provide dealerships the convenience of a single transaction point that encourages payment. Providing customers the ability to make mobile payments is convenient for them and simply makes for good business!

FordPayFordPass Member Experience – Easy as 1,2,3!

FordPass members who use FordPay for Service will experience a streamlined payment process. After service is complete, they are alerted via their smartphone though FordPass with messages such as:

  1. Invoice Notification – A FordPass notification to review and pay for service will appear on the customer’s smartphone lockscreen.
  2. Invoice Message – The customer is directed to tap to review as well as pay for their service.
  3. Service Details – After clicking the Review and Pay button, the customer can review the work that has been completed on their vehicle and submit their payment.
  4. PIN Protected – In order to successfully submit their payment, the customer must enter their PIN for security and then proceed with submitting their payment.
  5. “Payment Successful” – Once the payment is successfully submitted, the customer receives a notification in the Message Center of a complete transaction.

SmarterFordPass Members – Start Here

In order for the FordPass members to use FordPay for Service, all you have to set up the MyWallet feature within the app. For new customers, you’ll want to download the FordPass app from the App Store or Google Play. Next, you’ll need to create and account and a PIN. During the account creation process, click to the My Wallet tab. Follow the prompts for adding your credit card information. It’s really that easy!