Ford Performance: Passion & Innovation

February 20th, 2016 by

PerformancePassion + Innovation = Ford Performance

The new Ford Performance team has brought together Ford SVT (North America) and Ford RS (Europe) and Ford Racing globally. The team’s vision: to be creators of the world’s leading performance experiences that are accessible to all! Servicing as an innovative, performance-engineering laboratory, Ford Performance develops and delivers a wide variety of high-performance vehicles, race cars, parts accessories and exhilarating experiences… both on and off the road! The teams uses racing as a test bed for technology to prove out advancements in everything from aerodynamics to powertrains. These innovations then make their way into performance vehicles and then eventually into the broader Ford line-up.

Migrating Innovations

For example, on the new Shelby GT350, the aerodynamics from the A-pillar forward were proven out on the track, before they made their way into production.

Proud Global Legacy

Ford roots in performance and racing date back 113 years to our company’s very beginning. Driving a car he engineered and dubbed “Sweepstakes” newcomer Henry Ford won a race against the widely known driver of the time, Alexander Winton. The race put Henry Ford in the spotlight and Ford Motor Company opened 18 months later. Since then there have been many significant “wins” for Ford…and today…our racing legacy continues with a competitive spirit and an inspired lineup of products from Ford Performance:

The Performance Lineup

Whether on the road, on the track or in case of the Raptor, “off road”, the lineup is engineered to deliver spine-tingling performance while also being refined enough for the daily commute or a night on the town.
If you have any questions or want to know how you can get your hands on the wheel of a Ford Performance vehicle, come see us here at Beach Ford now!

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