Colors and Materials: Intentional Choice for Ford GT

August 18th, 2016 by

colorsDid you know? The colors and materials that Ford had chosen for the Ford GT are completely intentional!

In a recent statement, Ford designers said something pretty cool. They said that the innovation and technology that goes into the Ford GT are mirrored in the colors and materials choices for the all-new supercar. Colors and materials are strategically placed. This is in an effort to highlight areas of innovation. Certain colors are also placed in specific locations. This magnifies the ambiance of efficiency and performance. Throughout the inside of the car, the color is subtle. The interior satin finishes and colors increase as the eye moves toward the passenger side. This helps to minimize driver distraction.

colorsBarb Whalen, Ford design manager said they “walked a fine line” with the colors and materials they used. She continued by explaining how designers infused energy into the car. They did this through the use of color. They created balance by ensuring the raw appeal of the performance vehicle was still visible. Everything they did was completely intentional.

colorsCarbon fiber is used as a structural component in the Ford GT. It’s usually used as a decorative feature in performance vehicles. It also serves as a visible mainstay of the vehicle’s lightweight construction. The carbon fiber is seen across the instrument panel. There are different options of top coating for the exterior and customers have the ability to choose from gloss, matte or Shadow Black paint. This allows for a great amount of personalization. Ford is offering customization of color combinations for the Brembo brake calipers.

The Ford GT features a Brembo brake system. Dan Sandberg is the president and CEO of Brembo North America. He explained how he believes the Ford GT is the pinnacle American supercar. He also said how the high standards and innovative technology of the Brembo brake system will add to the overall driving enjoyment. That’s exactly what we want to hear!

The designers of the Ford GT haven’t overlooked a single detail. It sounds like they put their heart and soul into designing the ultimate driving machine. Drivers will be exceptionally pleased with the supercar. Did you know you can create and purchase your very own Ford GT? give Beach Ford a call today to learn how! If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, we can help you with that too! Beach Ford has a great selection of Ford cars and trucks. You’ll be happy you called!

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