Beach Ford Sends Holiday Cheer to All!

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beach fordBeach Ford Sends Holiday Cheer


At this time of year, we always like to share one of our favorite holiday poems! Please enjoy!

Dear Santa

by Shandelle Sioch

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would most love to see

Two plane tickets to Arizona placed under my tree.

You see, my Aunt had a baby and my Nannie’s real ill

I haven’t the money to send both my sister and I, unless you will.

You can send us the cash, you can take us yourself

We can even fly there with your most responsible elf.

Oh please Santa, get us both there somehow.

We could wait until later, but it’s best to go now.

Nannies going through surgery, we’re not sure if she’ll live,

And well, this is the season for everyone to give,

I only want to see her, yes, this is all I ask.

Is my Christmas wish such a difficult task?

When you get this and read it, think it over a time or two.

I know this is a hard decision, but I’m positive you’ve had a few.

Even if one ticket is all you can give,

Don’t worry.

I’ll send my sister and pray that dear Nannie will live.

I’m sorry I’ve been bad, next year I’ll try to be better.

You have a big job, so I oughta end this letter.

Have a Merry Christmas Santa, tell the elves and Mrs. Claus I said hi.

Thank you for your time Sir, now I must say good bye.

P.S. The milk is in a glass and the cookies on a tray.

You know where I live, so nothing more shall I say.


To all of our friends, family and to our valued clients,

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. In this spirit we say, simply but sincerely thank you and send you our best wishes for the holiday season and a Happy New Year.

With warmest regards,

The Management and Staff of Beach Ford and Beach Automotive Group


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