2018 Mustang: Coming Soon to Beach Ford!

December 5th, 2017 by

2018 MustangSeriously Fun Technology

For Mustang performance enthusiasts, there’s nothing like showing off some “bad boy” attitude on the drag strip. The new 12-inch LCD digital instrument cluster with MyColor is designed to help Mustang drivers get the most from their Mustang. In fact, the 2018 Mustang is on its way to Beach Ford in Myrtle Beach!

2018 MustangSet You Own Standards

The 12-inch customizable LCD digital instrument cluster is included in Equipment Groups 201A (EcoBoost Premium Plus) and 401A (GT Premium Plus). Using steering wheel-mounted controls and toggle switches, the system gives the driver control over everything they see- from performance to driver -assist features, including:

Selectable Drive Modes

Three main cluster displays: Normal, Sport and Track. Sport and Track put performance features like the tachometer front and center. MagneRide Damping System – a high-performance suspension control system designed for ideal vehicle handling and driver confidence without sacrificing ride comfort. Message Center – the center of the cluster displays vehicle information like TPMS, fuel economy, trip computer, navigation and performance setting (TrackApps)

2018 MustangGive It Some Swagger

The 12-inch cluster isn’t just functional, it’s beautiful. The first all-digital display ever offered on a Mustang: designed to put the driver in control of everything of everything they see, including features such as:

Active Valve Performance Exhaust changes the exhaust character and loudness when the driver selects one of four modes: Normal, Sport, Track and Quiet

Quiet Start lets drivers set a time window for the vehicle to start in Quiet mode which is perfect for early risers who don’t want to wake the neighbors

  • MyMode:
    • Saves driver’s favorite drive settings, including exhaust mode, suspension, steering launch control and more
    • Using the MODE toggle switch on the center stack recalls MyMode settings
  • MyColor allows drivers to:
    • Choose the color of their instrument cluster and coordinate it along with ambient lighting
    • Mix up to 30 customer colors and save their 3 favorites

Go Ahead, Test Its Limits

  • Mustang owners will appreciate:
    • Accelerometer – provides a real-time indication of the g-forces that the car is pulling – like when it’s drifting through a curve just enough to make the heart race
    • Electronic Line-lock (track use only)
      • Lets the driver lock the front brakes and heat the rear tires in preparations for a launch
      • When line-lock is engaged, the cluster shows and industry-first animation of a wheel “burning rubber”
    • Lap Timer – saves running times for up to three different track lengths and displays All-Time Best for Drivers who are always striving to improve
  • These performance feedback features let drivers track their stats:
    • Acceleration Timer – provides recorded acceleration times and speeds, similar to a drag strip display, as well as
    • Performance Shift Indicator (manual transmission only)
    • Alerts the driver when to shift for optimal performance
    • Lights up the instrument cluster when the tachometer reaches a preset rpm
    • Helps drivers keep their eyes on the road, not on the tach

2018 Mustang in Myrtle Beach

You really should schedule a time to come test drive a 2018 Mustang at Beach Ford right now. Once they arrive, they won’t stay around very long. Please don’t delay! Call us today!